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In Menorca en Barco we are committed to environment conservation and that is why we strive to make our activities have as less environmental impact as possible. Our constant search for more eco-friendly options has given and continues giving its fruits in these years since we began this exciting adventure:


Since 2017 our two boats have been adapted to run their engines on LPG instead of petrol. The LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas), increasingly common use in the automotive industry, It is a mixture of butane and propane which considerably reduces the emission of gaseous and particle pollutants into the atmosphere compared to other traditional gasoline or diesel fuels.

This is perhaps the most important commitment we have made so far, both from the economic point of view, because it represents a major investment for which there is no support from the government or private, and because there is no practically relating in the nautical sector since it officially approved for this sector in the 2017 and today we are the only company in Menorca which has opted for this technology. Its virtues include:

  • Reduction of up to a 14% CO2 emissions from gasoline.
  • Reduction of the 96% emissions of NOx from diesel.
  • Reduction of the 99% particulate emission.
  • Reduction of the 50% noise levels.


The Antifouling is a paint that is applied in the part of the hull of the boat being submerged to avoid sticking algae and small crustaceans and worms. Traditionally it´s been used paintings that have components that are highly polluting for the marine environment and which in many cases are of doubtful effectiveness and all they do is pollute the water. Very few companies marketed ecological antifoulings due largely to demand focuses on greater effectiveness and lower cost products, Although highly polluting. We use our boats in a painting encrusting anti not harmful to aquatic life water base and who does not employ chemical solvents, everything adds up!


Our t-shirts are 100% from organic cotton, organic farming; they contain no elements or dyes that are toxic or harmful to the skin and the environment. In addition the seals of the Fair Wear Foundation and Global Organic Textile Standard, that certifies the organic origin of cotton.